Ultrasonic Dental Hygienist - Ottawa

Our team of dental hygienists in Ottawa are trained and experienced to carry out a variety of fundamental dental services. We help our patients prevent common oral health problems through the following:

Ultrasonic Cleanings

At many clinics, the dental hygienist utilizes manual tools. This is time-consuming and can be uncomfortable for the patient. At Nu Age, we do things differently. We use ultrasonic equipment to clean teeth for a fast, effective procedure.

Teeth Whitening

You should only ever receive teeth whitening from a qualified dental professional. Ottawa patients choose Nu Age because they know that they can count on our team for dramatic, long-lasting results.

Sports Mouthguards

We encourage our Ottawa patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes staying active. The problem is that playing sports can put your teeth at risk. To protect your smile, we offer custom-fit mouthguards. These are comfortable and reliable —order one in your team’s colours!

X-Cold Desensitizing Treatment

There’s no need to avoid certain foods because of sensitive teeth. Our simple treatment eliminates sensitivity, making it possible for you to enjoy your favourite foods and beverages again.

Fresh Breath Analysis

Worrying about bad breath can ruin your social life. Ask a dental hygienist at Nu Age to assess your breath. If necessary, we can provide you with recommendations for improvement. Fixing your bad breath also helps prevent more serious conditions, like gum disease.


Dental sealants on back teeth can prevent food particles from becoming stuck in the crevices. With this solution from Nu Age, there’s no reason children or adults should ever suffer from cavities.

Fluoride Treatment

Another way to prevent cavities is with fluoride. If you’re not receiving enough fluoride in your diet, we can offer you a fluoride treatment. It takes just a few minutes to strengthen the enamel on your teeth.

Denture Cleaning

After time, dentures can stain, making your teeth appear less than perfect. Visit Nu Age and a dental hygienist will clean and polish your dentures to make them look like new again, but even more importantly, to remove bacteria that can collect and lead to health concerns.

Oral Cancer Screening

Catching oral cancer in its early stages increases your chance of preventing it from spreading to other parts of the body. Receive regular screenings at Nu Age to thoroughly check your mouth, head, and neck.

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