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Free Teeth Whitening at Nu Age Dental

Apply to our program and receive $450 whitenings for FREE with Every Cleaning

Smile Right. Smile White.

A healthy, white smile made easy!

Have you always wanted a white glowing smile? Have you asked about professional Teeth Whitening, only to find out how expensive it is? Nu Age has created a program which allows you to whiten & monitor your teeth for FREE during your dental cleaning appointments. That’s right! We will whiten your teeth and keep them white, all included with your cleanings. Plus, you don’t leave your dentist.

Why would we do this?

Over the years, Teeth Whitening has become North America’s #1 cosmetic procedure. However, most people don’t do it safely. Even individuals that go to teeth whitening spas or mall kiosks believe that they are seeing a dental professional, but in most cases, they aren’t. Because Teeth Whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure, these establishments can whiten your teeth. However, they will make YOU place the products in your mouth, and therefore, make YOU responsible for any side-effects that may occur. Most people don’t realize this is happening. They didn’t check your teeth before starting and you probably don’t know enough about teeth to make an informed decision. Teeth Whitening should always be done by a Dentist or a Registered Dental Hygienist.

Nu Age realizes people want a white smile. Who wouldn’t? However, we also want you to have a healthy mouth, one that has strong teeth, a positive bacterial balance, and low acid levels. So we combined everything together. ‘Teeth White For Life’ is a program designed to bring your mouth to its optimal health while brightening your smile back to its youth.

Teeth Whitening done safely is important, so you must apply to this program and see if you qualify. You are under no obligation, and consultations are always FREE. Call today.