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Free Teeth Whitening at Nu Age Dental

Apply to our program and receive $450 whitenings for FREE with Every Cleaning

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Free Teeth Whitening at Nu Age Dental

Apply to our program and receive $450 whitenings for FREE with Every Cleaning

Nu Age Dental Hygiene Clinic

At Nu Age Dental, we help you prevent dental issues by monitoring your oral health throughout your life. By focusing on prevention, our team is able to help you avoid many of the most common dental issues.
Prevention is always better than restoring teeth.


Our Services

At Nu Age, our number one priority is to provide you with high-quality service. Based in Nepean in Ottawa, we offer essential treatments to keep your teeth healthy and protected. By focusing on avoiding damage, cavities, and other dental issues, you will be less likely to require extensive treatment from your dentist in the future. Plus, you will feel more confident when you know your smile looks fantastic!

For more information on what our team can offer you, select one of our services.


Dental Cleaning


As many as 80 percent of Canadians suffer from gum inflammation. In most cases, however, they are completely unaware, and when gum inflammation is left untreated, it can progress from gum disease to periodontal disease.

Wouldn’t I feel pain if I had inflamed gums? In most cases, no.

Inflammation, especially when it’s associated with pathogens, leads to an increased risk of cavities, infections, and bone loss (which can lead to loose teeth).


Did you know?

Most dental problems are preventable with a teeth cleaning from a dental hygienist at your local dental clinic!
Woman having teeth cleaned

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is North America’s #1 cosmetic procedure. It’s quick and easy, resulting in a dramatic change.

Look and feel younger by enhancing your smile. With our competitive prices, why wait?

At Nu Age, our team will whiten your smile without harming your smile. We will use the best product for your specific situation.

Before and after: stained teeth on top and shiny white teeth on bottom

Sports Mouthguards

  • Unbeatable Year-Round Price
  • Ultimate Custom-Fitted Protection
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Recommended by Dental Associations

Our Price $85 (valued at over $180)

Different colours available
Boy wearing a soccer jersey and a mouth guard

X-Cold Desensitizing Treatment

Are you sensitive to cold?
Do cold drinks and/or ice cream bother you?

We can instantly help. With our X-Cold Desensitizing Treatment, you come in sensitive but leave instantly relieved.

Skeptical? Been sensitive for so many years that it has become normal for you? Well, don’t let that hold you back from calling us. We can help!

Woman wincing because of sensitive teeth

Fresh Breath Analysis

Do you have or think you have bad breath?
Is mouthwash not working?

Dental conditions can cause bad breath!

Did you know that 85% of people with persistent bad breath have a dental problem that is to blame?

Mouthwash will not work in these cases. It provides temporary relief but bad breath will return quickly. You have to get to the root cause of the problem.

If you have been suffering from bad breath, don’t be shy to call. At Nu Age, our team is here to help.

Woman looking nervous, covering mouth because of bad breath


What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are applied to the grooves on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to protect them from tooth decay. Most tooth decay occurs on these surfaces. Sealants protect the chewing surfaces from tooth decay by keeping germs and food particles out of these grooves.

  • Reduce Cavities
  • Affordable Child and Adult Protection
  • No Drilling. No Needles.
  • Dental Insurance Benefits Accepted
Young girl having her teeth cleaned

Fluoride Treatment

Tooth decay is caused by certain bacteria in the mouth. When a person eats sugar and other refined carbohydrates, these bacteria produce acid that removes minerals from the surface of the tooth. Fluoride helps to remineralize tooth surfaces and prevents cavities from continuing to form.

  • Reduce Cavities
  • Reduce Enamel Damage
  • Reduce Tooth Sensitivity
  • Dental Insurance Benefits Accepted
Young girl smiling at camera with mouth open for dental cleaning

Denture Cleaning

Lack of professional denture cleanings may cause the following:

  • Stomatitis and Oral Candidiasis
  • Infections and Sores
  • Bad Breath
  • Bone Loss
  • Lung Trouble
  • Stomach Problems

Nu Age recommends dentures to be professionally cleaned at least every 6 months.


Did you know?

Dentures should be professionally cleaned regularly!
Man holding dentures

Oral Cancer Screening

Although oral cancer is increasing every year, the good news is, approximately 84% of oral cancer cases may be detected early by a dental professional.

This screening involves checking the mouth and surrounding areas, along with the head and neck regions.

At Nu Age, our team takes this issue very seriously. As a result, we include this screening with every appointment.


Did you know?

Oral Cancer is increasing every year.
Young man smiling with mouth open, preparing for dental cleaning
Hygienist pointing at dental x-ray

Why Us?

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Average Fees 10-30% Off *
  • Teeth Whitening Monitoring Program
  • Blow-out Custom Mouthguard Prices
  • Dental Insurance Direct Billing

And you never leave your dentist!

* when compared to Ontario’s dentist fee guide. Call for details.

Are you suffering from the following?

  • Constant cavities
  • Gum level loss (recession)
  • Bad breath or odour
  • Sensitive teeth to cold drinks or foods
  • Bleeding gums when you brush or floss
  • Tooth looseness or even tooth loss
  • Sensitive teeth to acids or sugars
  • Sore gums or teeth that ache

For a wide range of professional services provided in a comfortable environment, trust Nu Age dental clinic. Ottawa patients are improving their oral health and enhancing their smiles with our help. Call today to schedule your appointment. Our team is here to help : (613) 627-2333.

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